EDUMark helps talent, educators and employers connect.

Connecting Talent

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In today’s highly competitive market for talent it is crucial that education providers, students and graduates, develop meaningful connections with employers who are looking to attract and retain

the best talent.

EDUMark helps talent, educators and employers connect.

With over 50 years combined experience in post-secondary education, corporate brand building and talent attraction, EDUMark is ideally placed to connect industry with in-demand talent pools.




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Circuit Background

Linking talent supply and demand pipelines together by forming real connections is what EDUMark does best.

As a boutique firm we work on behalf of the employer side (company and industry) or the education side (training providers, colleges and universities) to create highly-targeted graduate and international experiences, early career placement programs and offers to market that attract and retain the best new talent.

Raised Hands

Attracting Graduate Talent

Sustainable Solutions

We create systems and processes to run a graduate program that is cost effective and sustainable.

Competitor Analysis

We work with employers to understand their competitors; what they offer and how they message their offer.

Digitial Strategy

Our digital strategies ensure the employer brand is highly visible to younger and digital-savvy candidates.

Attractive Propositions

We understand what makes a desirable offer that will best attract high demand graduate talent.

Build Brand Early

By directly connecting employers with education providers we enable employers to build their brand early with candidates.

Effective Attraction Spend

We help employers evaluate their attraction spend and clearly understand their talent acquisition return on investment.

Student Engagement with Industry

Placement Facilitation

We facilitate placements and internships with industry and the corporate sector.

International Student Assistance

We assist international students to transition to employment in their area of study.

Student Advisory

By linking employers with education organisations we help to inform and advise students ofpathways to careers.

Industry Short Course


We assist educators to create

short and non-award courses which meet employer and industry needs.

Simplify Processes

We create simple and effective employment application processes to make applications easy for students.

Attracting International Talent

Target Relevant Markets

We identify the relevant international markets for an employer's needs.

Geo-targetted Digital

To deliver the right employer message at the right time and location we provide geo-targetted digital advice.

Culturally Appropriate

We assist employers to build an offer that is culturally relevant and attractive.

Talent Retention

We build talent retention programs that address the

unique needs of

international employees.

Access Global Networks

We support employers to build a network of agents to work through the immigration and visa advice and processes.

Our People

We utilise our networks to access capable, like-minded people who we call on as projects require. Our agile approach enables us to keep costs to clients low, while delivering access to highly relevant skills and knowledge.

Mark Priddle

Managing Director

Mark is an international talent,

recruitment, marketing, and

business development expert with

over 20 years’ experience in international

education, government relations,

corporate and primary health.

Sarah Graham

Principal Consultant

Sarah has over 30 years’ experience in executive level marketing and business development,gained across the education, transport andfinancial services sectors in Australian andinternational markets.

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